Building tour of the new Hampton Academy Saturday, November 10th, 9:30-12 noon...Come join us!

Reunions :

Class of 1998-- 20th Class Reunion Sat. Nov 24 at the 401 in Hampton, 7 pm, contact Cara Shepard Adams for more info or check our Facebook page!


 Many classes have started to plan their upcoming reunion. If you have news, or need a copy of your class list, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact your Alumni Association for Building Tours! We have some talented tour guides that will show you how WHS has grown since you left....

Not having a special reunion? Then call a classmate and a buy a ticket to June 22, 2019, Alumni Luncheon at Grill 28! 


Special Class Reunion Years 2018

   70th reunion             Class of 1948                                     35th Reunion                   Class of 1983           40th Reunion         Class of 1978

   65th Reunion            Class of  1953                                    30th Reunion                   Class of 1988     

   60th Reunion            Class of 1958                                      25th Reunion                  Class of 1993

   55th Reunion            Class of  1963                                     20th Reunion                   Class of 1998

   50th Reunion            Class  of 1968                                     15th Reunion                   Class of 2003

   45th Reunion             Class of 1973                                     10th Reunion                   Class of 2008

   40th Reunion             Class of 1978                                        5th Reunion                   Class of 2013