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Presence at Football games, College Networking Event, Alumni games, Parent Conference Nights, Graduations, Reunions

Dollars for Scholars Alumni Scholarship Presentations

Participation in Community Events such as Historical Society Birthday Bash, and many more...

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2019 Community Sponsorships for Alumni Gathering

We would like to thank all of our sponsors!

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Young Alumni College Networking Event

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  The Alumni Association sponsors an event to connect graduates from the last 5 classes to return to the high school and share advice with juniors and seniors about post graduated education and careers. Recently, the event was merged with the Annual Career Day. The school-wide event was called College and Career Readiness Day and a series of activities were planned for all students in grades 9-12. The activities included:
Career Fair : Over 75 professionals were in the gymnasium to discuss their careers and answer any questions students may have. There were representatives from every career cluster (with many WHS Alums in attendance!)
Alumni Fair: Over 25 recent WHS graduates were in the cafeteria to talk about their college and career experience since graduating from WHS.
Alumni Panel: WHS Young Alumni were in the auditorium to discuss their pathway after graduation. The focus was on the ups and downs of college and employment as well as their suggestions for what high school students can do to better prepare themselves for life after high school.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you can help with this project!


Memorial Day Tribute

The Alumni association dedicates a wreath in memory of all the alumni and service alumni at High Street Cemetery each year.

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See Booklet for before 1972




Carol Leslie Cummings


Teresa Jean Elliot


Richard Dennis O'Neil




Anthony Charles Janetos


Craig Edwin Parker


Mark Leo Cowdrey




Colleen M. Cross


Susan E. Dennett


Meredith J. Kenney




Scott M. Casassa


Lynn C. Mattucci


Charles W. Jackson




Gregory M. Kee


Kimberly Martin


Susanne M. Dennis




Anne DiBartolomeo


Debra L. Monegan


Margaert S. Ober




John L. McIlveen


John M. Janetos


Barbara A. Robinson




Mary Anne Fliss


Jane E. Norton


Ellen J. Pomroy




Marie L. Ceres


Carolyn A. Hinkle


Gregory M. Janetos




Kevin M. Chin


Peter W. McConnell


Carol A. Walker




Donna M. Tuholski


Cynthia J. Hockenhull


Linda S. Cusack




Jacqueline M. Corcoran


Anne M. Hackett


Robert J. Hinkle




Jeffrey S. Bednarz


Suzanne C. Lyon


Lorraine K. Weimerskirch




Scott Bowditch


Christine Daboul


Donald Lamprey




Susan M. Bourque


Kimberley A. Hollingworth


Partricia K. Newcomb




Deborah McCaddin


Peter Falcone


Dianne Wardle




Susan Downer


Gregory Doubek


Sunday Gallagher




Michael Paquin


Tracey Pearce


Jennifer Adams




Rob Manix


Tricia Taylor


Chris Walsh




K. Michelle Hollett


Matthew M. Leary


Jeremy B. Trask




Mary Doyle


Mark Paquin


Karen Orr




Patricia Mulready


Mary Kate Reusch


Adam Edgar




Jeremy E. Gilbert


Heather A. Marston


Amy Virgin




Brian Arakelian


Lee Ann Evans


Timothy Leary




Stacey L. Gagne


Richard P. Pouliot


Todd C. Ridenhour




Daniel Arthur Edgar


Bethany Lee Vincent


Jonathan Randall Zito




Matthew Colby Downer


Sarah Olivia Marquis


Joseph Grattin Reynolds




Luke Edward Edgar


Julie Eileen Linnehan


Amanda Rose Jones




Sarah Jennie Donahue


Mariel Rose Matero


Amanda Carlson Robie




John Robert Bridle


Jeanne Marie Hess


Kristi Rae Miller




Thomas Ralph Martin


Jason A. Casey


Sheila Marie Moynihan




Tricia Jean Barry


Ariana Johnson


Brooks Everett Martin




John Thomas Forbes


Christine Cushing Silver


Ashley Rita Woodworth




Christine Lynn Arruda


Tyler Evan Ingram


Kelley Elizabeth Mercer




Briah Audra Boggs


Danielle Helen Huffman


Meghan Rose Knight




Kevin Christopher Buckley


Allison Marie Hamel


Jessica Angela Petruzziello




Eric Stephen Hartenstein


Diane Lisa McCain


Allix Jacqueline Rashid




Kaitline Elizabeth Couture


Alison Jean Mailloux


Raheel Parvaiz




John Thomas Danahy


Andrew Scott Morse


Jared Taylor Newman




Daniel Burbanl Argue


Meghan Shannan Durant


Shauna Leigh Gardner




Spencer James Cutting


Karen Syracuse Donohoe


Julianna Susan Giannusa




Adam Michael Harrington


Alexa Leigh LaMontagne


Amy Susanne Strong


 2020 scholarship recipients: Campbell Parish and Whittaker Sandborn


Year Recipient Alumni Father Alumni Mother
1972 Mark Haven Johnson Homer Johnson (1949) Judy (Haven) Johnson (1949)
1973 Richard Wayne Elliot Wayne I. Elliot (1946)  
1974 Deborah J. McIlveen Richard McIlveen (1952) Lucy (O'Dea) McIlveen (1953)
1975 Elizabeth Ann Hart   Betty (Batchelder) Hart (1953)
1976 David W. Elliot Wayne I. Elliot (1946)  
1977 Lee Goss Brooks Peter G Brooks (1950) Carolyn (Goss)Brooks (1950)
1978 Glenn A. Martin   Joanne (Hobbs) Martin (1950)
1978 Nancy Woods Kenneth Woods (1947) Barbara (Garland) Woods (1947)
1979 David J. Lamprey Jr David Lamprey (1955) B. Joanne (McLane) Lamprey (1957)
1980 Nancy E. Triggs   Patty (Hoyt) Triggs (1949)
1981 Susan Ann Brooks Peter G Brooks (1950) Carolyn (Goss)Brooks (1950)
1982 Alfred P. Chamberland No children of alumni applied this year.  This is the first time the scholarship had to be awarded to a non-alumni child
1983 Lisa S. Fernald Harold Fernald (1949)  
1984 Sandra M. Hoyt Sam Hoyt (1946)  
1985 Valerie Michelle Waitt    Judith (Ryan) Waitt (1960)
1986 Mary Elizabeth Weinhold Charles Weinhold (1962)  
1987 Roxanne Elaine Swain Richard Swain (1961)  
1988 Brenda Plastridge Arnold Plastridge (1964) Carol (Ireland) Sawyer (1965)
1989 Kevin Sawyer Richard Sawyer (1958)  
1990 Timothy L. Sullivan   Deborah (Greene) Sullivan (1965)
1991 Kimberly Cronin   Susanne (Wolfsen) Cronin (1962)
1992 Traci L. Chase Frank Chase (1971) Diane (Wilson) Chase (1971)
1993 Vickie M. Sawyer Richard Sawyer (1958)  
1994 Ryan Knowles Larry Knowles (1965) Holly (Elliot) Knowles (1966)
1995 Ryan Hambleton Michael Hambleton (1967) Jan (Savage) Hambleton (1967)
1996 Crescent Lynne Knowles Larry Knowles (1965) Holly (Elliot) Knowles (1966)
1997 Chad Patrick Arlington   Lucinda (Chevalier) Arlington (1970)
1997 Amanda Elizabeth Davies Russell Davies (1968)  
1998 Thomas James Maloney Shawn Maloney (1975)  
1999 Joshua David MacArthur David MacArthur (1973) Deborah (Brown) Girouard (1972)
2000 Kristi Rae Miller Steven Miller (1970)  
2001 Brian Matthew Maloney Victor Maloney (1973) Susan (Bychok) Maloney (1973)
2002 Robynne-Anne Locke Brian Locke (1980)  
2003 Jamie Robert Allen Jonathan Allen(1971) Sherri (Perkins) Allen (1966)
2004 Logan T. Kenney David Kenney (1974) Barbara (Casassa) Kenney (1976)
2005 Erin Hazel Lemire Roland Lemire (1982) Martha (Lamie) Lemire (1982)
2006 Michael Stone Tonry Louie Tonry (1974) Lianne (Stone) Tonry (1977)
2007 Brenda Jan Shepard Leslie Shepard (1971)  
2008 Jeffrey Paul Augusta Marc Augusta (1969) Karen (Donoghue) Augusta (1980)
2009 Casey Charles James Cotter Ronald Cotter (1976) Lorin (White) Cotter (1976)
2010 Nathan David Chase David Charles Chase (1983) Deborah (Gaulin) Chase (1983)
2011 Timothy W. Lamprey Donald Lamprey (1984) Susan (Richardson) Lamprey (1985)
2012 Jordan Michelle Firkey Eric Firkey (1986) Valerie (Waitt) Firkey (1985)
2013 Brandi Rae Baillargeon Leonard Baillargeon (1986) Terry (Follansbee) Baillargeon (1989)
2013 Anna Inge Craig   Deborah (Leach) Craig (1979)
2014 Cameron Eric Hauze   Mary (Martin) Hauze (1981)
2014 Sara Murphy Schwab   Rose (Twomey) Schwab (1976)
2015 Megan Marie Chase David Charles Chase (1983) Deborah (Gaulin) Chase (1983)
2015 Kyle Joseph Harrington Timothy Joseph Harrington (1984) Donna (Testa) Harrington (1984)
2016 Tyler Scott Aversano Scott Aversano (1990) Kristie (Batchelder) Aversano (1990)
2016 Joseph James Deshaies   Lisa Marie (Hanson) Deshaies (1985)
2017 Micheal Jonathan Lajoie Jason Lajoie (1991)  
2017 Connor Griffin Murray David Murray (1985) Anne (Hackett) Murray (1982)
2018 Taylor Marie Yeley   Maria Carmen Martignetti (1991)
2018 Zachary Wallace Waterhouse Jeff Waterhouse (1981) Amy (Kadish) Waterhouse (1987)
2019 Brenna Mooney John Joseph Mooney (1989) Maryanne (Murray) Mooney (1987)
2019 Seth Pontbriand JP Pontbriand (1983)  




It is the mission of the Hampton Academy and Winnacunnet High School Alumni Association to create an organization that helps graduates work together for the common good. Our goal is to provide members with the ability to renew old aquaintances, continue an everlasting interest in the school, and strengthen alumni support through reunions, scholarships, student career programs, and other special events.

 We are proud to have attained 501 (c) 3 status.

 Officers— President: Lori Cotter, ‘76, Vice-President: Terri Thomson '72, Secretary: Sue Brooks, ‘81, Treasurer: Ellen Lavin, ‘70.

 Board of Trustees-- Bruce Aquizap, ‘51; Andrea Condon, ‘61; Lydia Estey, ‘64; Pat Bushway, '74; Kevin Cushing, '74; Linda Libbey, ‘81; Heather Hyvari ’89

We are always looking for new members...please contact us if you are interested in serving!  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Annual Dinner Meeting Photos



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